Khus Products (Vettiver)

About Khus (Vettiver - Vetiveria Zizanioides)

Vetiveria zizanioides, vetiver or khus-khus grass, is an indistinctive grass, but for the roots which have a characteristic fragrance,
making it one of the most popular aromatic species. The Vetiver Grass Technology (VGT) was first developed for soil and water
conservation in farmlands. This review paper deals with a new creation on handicraft products that are made in vetiver which  
is cheap in cost wise. The product is multipurpose and Eco-friendly product.

Vetiver plant ( vetiveria zizanioides) is an important plant as its roots are having highly medicinal and aromatic properties.
it is cultivated in kerala and tamilnadu. More than 50 vetiver products and fancy items have bean brought to market for
the protection of human body right from head to foot, including internal organs. Some of the important one among them are vetiver oil, soap, bath brush, chappal, shoe in sole, hand fan, bed, yoga and meditation mat, prayer mat, caps and umbrella caps, helmet insider, cushion, pillows, pannels, herbal riding car etc.

Vettiver Root: enhances blood circulation, purification, cooling etc.

  • Cooling and refreshment by drinking water soaked with roots.
  • Thirst quenching, good digestion and freedom from gas troubles
  • Cooling to head and healthy hairs, if the oil boiled with root is used on the hair
  •  Body cooling fragrance and good sleep by taking bath in water boiled with root. 

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